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At Tyro, we recognise that we have an important role to play in strengthening the future for our customers, our people, our shareholders and the broader community. Our approach to sustainability is to fulfil this purpose whilst addressing the sustainability priorities that matter most to our stakeholders, as well as our employees who are passionate about sustainability. 
A sustainable future for Tyro requires consideration of all environmental, social and governance matters that impact our organisation and our broader community. Our approach to sustainability is evolving and we are increasing our focus in this area. In 2021 we established our sustainability framework; in 2022 we first reported our scope 2 and 3 carbon emissions; and in 2023 we achieved Carbon Neutral Certification with Climate Active. Looking forward to 2024 and beyond, we plan to further develop our sustainability strategy to achieve positive outcomes for both our business and key stakeholders.

Carbon Neutral Certification
Tyro is certified as Carbon Neutral for our Australian business operations, under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Organisations.

Our partnership with Greener for Business
Tyro is committed to managing the environmental aspects of our operations to be more sustainable, and to help our customers do the same.  We are pleased to partner with Greener for BusinessOpens in new window , a new platform that helps businesses save money, time and the planet, with simple step-by-step climate action plans and exclusive offers from a network of partners.

Tyro's Sustainability Priorities

In 2021 on the adoption of our new sustainability framework, Tyro set its sustainability priority targets. Our performance against these targets to date is outlined in the table below. Whilst we are tracking well with cultural and gender diversity, we are not yet where we would like to be for our customer and employee targets. FY23 has been a formative year for Tyro, having undergone an operational transformation, including significant cost reduction initiatives and changes to our operating model and leadership team. We recognise that we are at the start of our sustainability journey with great opportunities ahead of us. With this in mind, we have taken the opportunity to review and reset our targets for FY24 and beyond.

Gender balance - whole of organisation Achieve a gender balance of 40/40/20 representing 40% of our workforce made up of women, 40% of men and 20% non-binary. 30 June 2023 Social
Gender balance - Board representation Achieve a gender balance of 30% for Directors of each gender. 30 June 2022 Social
Employer of choice Rated in the Top 20 best places to work in Australia. We have revised our target to focus on internal employee engagement rather than external ratings. FY24 target is to improve the favourable score to the question “I am proud to work for Tyro” in our annual employee survey by 10%. Social
Employee engagement Achieve an overall employee engagement score of 80% and above. While 80% employee engagement score is our medium term goal, during this period of organisational change our goal for FY24 is to increase our overall engagement score by 10% Social
Customer satisfaction Our recent leadership and organisational changes are focused on delivering innovative product functionality and simplifying the customer experience for our merchants. We also listen to our merchants and their feedback through our Voice of the Customer initiative, which is focused on improving NPS. 30 June 2024 Social
Carbon Neutral Achieve a 'Carbon Neutral' accredited status for our environmental footprint. 30 June 2023 Environmental