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Working with over 65,000 merchants across Australia, we are driven by our mission to set businesses free to get on with business by simplifying their payments and commerce. We do this by delivering our solutions in a manner that aims to create a sustainable future for all our stakeholders. This includes our shareholders, our people, our merchants, the community in which we operate, our suppliers and business partners and regulatory bodies.

Sustainability is not only about our relationship with our merchants - it is also about our responsibility to the environment, social issues, equity, engagement with the community, good governance and ethical standards. Following on from our first Sustainability Report released in FY21, we have evolved our reporting and have adopted a new disclosure format for our annual report suite to highlight how we create value for all our stakeholders including enhanced disclosure on the use of our Capitals and providing a consolidated review of our financial, economic, social and environmental performance on matters material to our strategy and our ability to create and sustain value into the future. More details of this disclosure can be found in our comprehensive Sustainability Report.

This is just the start of our move to a more comprehensive and more transparent review of our business which we will build on in FY23 and beyond.

Tyro's Sustainability Priorities

This report provides a comprehensive overview of Tyro's approach to Sustainability going forward following the adoption of our new Sustainability Framework in FY21. In summary, the priority sustainability targets that Tyro is seeking to achieve under our new Sustainability Framework is as follows:

Gender balance - whole of organisation Achieve a gender balance of 40/40/20 representing 40% of our workforce made up of women, 40% of men and 20% non-binary (refer to Page 17 of this Report) 30 June 2023 Social
Gender balance - Board representation Achieve a gender balance of 30% for Directors of each gender (refer to Page 17 of this Report) 30 June 2022 Social
Employer of choice Rated in the Top 20 best places to work in Australia (refer to Page 16 of this Report) 30 June 2024 Social
Employee engagement Achieve an overall employee engagement score of 80% and above (refer to Page 16 of this Report) 30 June 2023 Social
Customer satisfaction Achieve the highest Net Promoter Score amongst payment providers in Australia (refer to Page 23 of this Report) 30 June 2022 Social
Net Zero Achieve a 'Net Zero' accredited status for our environmental footprint (refer to Page 28 of this Report) 30 June 2025 Environmental